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The human side of implementing AI

Artificial intelligence: Construction technology's next frontier | McKinsey

Researchers in MIT's Department of Mechanical Engineering are using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to

International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Information Applications in Homeland Security

Laser focus on customers

Manipulating laser beams encoded with data offers a shortcut on certain tricky computing operations. Optalysys's technology ...

Embrapa -

Pentagon AI center progressing, but hypersonics and lasers may not get same treatment

Researchers have devised a new way to monitor sleep stages without sensors attached to the body

Designed to operate in a twin scanning configuration with adjustable baseline, Kraken's SeaVision uses a tri-colour laser system to generate very high ...

In depth: Doxel's 3D capture and AI solution for ending construction delays

Through advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, Princeton researchers are building technologies in health care, transportation, ...

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken the automotive industry by storm to drive the development of level-4 and level-5 autonomous vehicles.

Artificial Intelligence Will Redesign Healthcare

4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Transform Your Small Business | Inc.com

Researchers have shown a neural network can be trained using an optical circuit (blue rectangle in the illustration). In the full network there would be ...

Despite lacking experience and skills, many respondents to a recent Tech Pro Research survey said

The Royal Navy's prototype laser beam, in the hands of its artificially intelligent Ship MIND, could make the Terminator look like your friendly ...

Credit: KENN BROWN, Mondolithic Studios

5 Growing Artificial Intelligence Startups You Need to Know About | Inc.com

What's Behind Paul Allen's Big New Give for Artificial Intelligence? — Inside Philanthropy

Apple could tap artificial intelligence in a variety of ways beyond iPhone, including health initiatives and driverless cars

Google's AI Has Learned to Become "Highly Aggressive" in Stressful Situations

AI for Hobbyists: DIYers Use Deep Learning to Shoo Cats, Harass Ants | The Official NVIDIA Blog

Physicists using artificial intelligence to run a complex experiment could be putting themselves out of a job. Cathal O'Connell reports.

"Sophia" is an artificially intelligent (AI) human-like robot developed. "

Art by: Thiago César

3 Types of Artificial Intelligence Everyone Knows About

“Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, we will turn 3D printers into essentially their own inspectors,” says GE's Joe Vinciquerra.

Artificial Intelligence, AI

Why You Should Let Artificial Intelligence Creep Into Your Business | Inc.com

An MIT study proposes that laser technology on Earth could emit a beacon strong enough to

Startup LightOn SAS (Paris, France) is developing optical processing units (OPUs) to perform artificial intelligence operations and has announced successful ...

Cranberries, type 1 diabetes, graphene mass production, Internet of Things, search engine

Aude Oliva (right), a principal research scientist at the Computer Science and Artificial

Delhi traffic,Artificial intelligence,deep learning

A schematic of the bionic hand the team have built.University of Göttingen

The laser technology which helps the forklifts operate autonomously is demonstrated on the screen, which

monitor display of additive manufacturing parameters from machine learning and artificial intelligence

Learning ...

Intel's New Self-Learning Chip Promises to Accelerate Artificial Intelligence | Intel Newsroom

Key technologies for 2017 Prototype The prototype's artificial intelligence uses input from 12 sonars, 12 cameras, nine millimeter-wave radars, six laser ...

Tunable Lasers

AI artwork

The Future of Artificial Intelligence and Quality Management

Robotic arms playing with a laser beam in front of the audience.

The Artificial Intelligence Imperative: A Practical Roadmap for Business: Anastassia Lauterbach, Andrea Bonime-Blanc, Ian Bremmer: 9781440859946: ...

Artificial Intelligence Trends in Eye Care

This past spring I had the pleasure of speaking at the Mad Scientist Conference on Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Autonomy.

11_30_Winter Car Accident

Will Deep Learning Be The New Standard For Laser Positioning?

NeuroArm: It's not brain surgery...Oh, it is brain surgery. NeuroArm is a surgical robotic system, developed at the University of Calgary, ...

Scientists ' ...

Quantum Artificial Intelligence (QAI)

New Pentagon research chief is working on lasers, AI, hypersonic munitions and more

For some CO2 laser applications, the end is at hand, with fiber lasers having almost totally replaced the older technology. Another shift currently brewing ...

Artificial Intelligence and the Military

PI is directly converted into LIG by the irradiation of the 450 nm laser. Scale bar, 2.5 cm. (b) LIG has the ability of emitting and detecting ...

Audi AI

Intelligent Machines

The best way to expose yourself to this A.I. trend is through Global X Robotics & Artificial Intelligence ETF (BOTZ).

... Download full-size image

New Research Uses Artificial Intelligence to Target Eye Disease

An Exclusive by Artificial Lawyer

... Artificial Intelligence | Fashion | Deep Learning; 6.

Capture "high tech fortress" ruled by AI (artificial intelligence)!

DRDO Monograph

Technology enhanced with artificial intelligence is all around us. You might have a robot vacuum cleaner ready to leap into action to clean up your kitchen ...

AI Is Transforming Healthcare as We Know It. Here's a Look at the Future -- and ...

Get Ready for China's Laser-Weapons Arsenal

On ...

Adding weight to the LIDAR comparison, a presentation in December by machine learning head Russ Salakhutdinov covered Apple's artificial intelligence ...

Lasers, Death Rays, and the Long, Strange Quest for the Ultimate Weapon: Jeff Hecht: 9781633884601: Amazon.com: Books

Austin Russell, the CEO of lidar startup Luminar, says his company actively chose not to use solid-state hardware in its sensors, because it believes that ...

Artificial intelligence tools can aid sensor systems

The U.S. military's shadowy "Project Maven" uses sophisticated artificial intelligence to analyze drone footage

Click to View Full Infographic

IBM Watson's mainframe

Laser beams, sensors and a robot: new high-tech aged care facility opens in Sydney

Intelligent Machines

AI subfields and techniques applied to optical networks

Unfortunately, it becomes more difficult to forecast pure laser sales when a laser is just one component of a vertical or upstream systems offering.

A modern brain-controlled prosthetic hand and arm co-developed by the Applied Physics Laboratory and the Federal Drug Administration.

Next step of sociobiological evolution[edit]

1987Designed by Rodney Brooks and affectionately named for artificial

could ai based surveillance predict crime before it happens us technology artificial intelligence

Laser technology can help football officials keep track of the first-down line on the field.

... in areas such as optical communications technology to drive artificial intelligence; next-gen photovoltaics and lighting; lasers in manufacturing; ...